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We thank you all for giving us the opportunity to show you the best of what Hawaii has to offer for your dream vacation in paradise!

Ko Olina Vacation Rentals has Oahu’s finest destination stays for your paradise vacation. With its luxurious beaches, amenities, activities, and best-in-class hospitality with Aloha, Ko Olina is the place that fulfills the ideal image that you dream of a Hawaiian vacation being.

With the beautiful white sand beaches, calm laid-back lagoons, palm trees swaying in the trade wind breeze, coconuts and a wide array of great food to choose from, entertainment and recreation, you will be able to relax and create the best of memories to take with you for a lifetime.

That’s what a vacation is all about!

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Due to Hawaii advertising laws regarding the marketing of vacation rentals, we have teamed up with HomeAway as our hub for you to confidently reserve your Ko`olina Vacation Rental.

To reserve a vacation rental at Koolina, simply click on the HomeAway link and:

  1. Input “O`ahu, HI, USA” in the WHERE field.
  2. Input your ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE dates.
  3. Input the amount of GUESTS staying with you.
  4. Click on SEARCH.
  5. To find Koolina properties, click on “More Filters” and check the “Oceanfront” selection. Click on SEARCH.
  6. You will then be able to view and reserve our available Ko Olina vacation rentals.

From there, click on your desired Ko`Olina vacation rental and click on BOOK NOW. It’s as simple as that!

Once booked, all of your communications will be through HomeAway and the vacation rental property manager.

Mahalo for choosing KoOlina Vacation Rentals for your dream Hawaii vacation stay. We’ll see you soon! Aloha!

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Whether you are staying for a couple of days, a week, a month, or want to lease a Hawaii property and enjoy paradise for a while, we can accommodate your needs, wants, and desires from VRBOs to hotel stays.

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Stay in Hawaii’s natural luxury, right next to the beach! Ko`Olina Vaction Rentals has a wide array of beach-side vacation rentals for you, your family, and friends to enjoy. Welcome home!

Paradise Amenities

Ko Olina has everything you need to experience Hawaii the way it’s meant to be. From beaches, shopping, dining, luaus, fitness, golf, sightseeing tours, and more, the resort has it all for all ages!

Why Stay At Ko Olina For Your Hawaii Vacation?

When most people think of vacationing in Hawaii, staying in Waikiki is almost the first place that is sought to stay here in Honolulu, Hawaii. And it’s not surprising. Waikiki is the most landmarked paradise destination. Waikiki Beach is synonymous with paradise.

Waikiki is beautiful and has great energy. It provides vacationers with beautiful beaches, landmark attractions, great restaurants, world-class shopping venues, and amazing entertainment. Well, Ko Olina has all of what Waikiki offers but without the high energy.

What’s great about Ko Olina? Other than Waikiki being the first thought when thinking about a Hawaii vacation – relaxing, mellow, laid-back, peaceful, calm, serene, pampered, and luxury also comes to mind. That is what a stay in Ko Olina will provide you in addition to what Waikiki has to offer.

In other words, Ko Olina is a Hawaii dream vacation destination.

Where Waikiki provides the city vibe here in paradise, a Ko Olina stay will be what exactly you’ve been dreaming of.

You may inquire and book your stay at Ko Olina with us anytime at (808) 784-7050. We’ll see you in your Hawaii vacation dreams!

A Preview Of Ko Olina

SPOILER ALERT! We’d like our guests to enjoy and experience Hawaii for themselves and create their own cherished memories here in Ko Olina. But if you can’t wait and want to preview your coming attractions, here’s a little teaser video for you from us at Ko Olina Beach Villas & Property Rentals.

Ko Olina Amenities

Ko Olina vacation rentals are the place to stay when you want a fun-filled sunny, warm Hawaii vacation in the Kapolei, Hawaii area. There are plenty of activities to enjoy while relaxing at a Ko Olina vacation rental. If water sports aren’t your thing, make plans to a Ko Olina golf club or have a good time at the Oceanfront Beach Bar, which has live music on several nights during the week. There’s also shopping at one of the many Ko Olina boutiques that sell resort wear and jewelry that is unique and stylish. A stay at a Ko Olina vacation rental can be a trip and learning experience for everyone.

For the ultimate vacation in Hawaii, there is no better way to see the island than with a vacation rental in Ko Olina. When you think of getting away, Hawaii is always a vacation destination that is one of the top choices of people’s list. Guests staying at a Ko Olina vacation rental will find it the perfect place for a winter getaway – or any season for that matter. This secluded area is known for its vacation homes that offer a retreat for those who need some relaxation and rejuvenation. Ko`Olina has been voted as one of the best places for a vacation for U.S. and international travelers.

For those that are not big on hanging at the beach, there is plenty else to do while vacationing in Ko Olina. There are spas as well as bamboo woodcarving workshops. Because the area is very big on cultural activities, visitors staying at a Ko Olina vacation rental will find something or someplace interesting and to have a great time. Ko Olina vacation rentals give you access to all that this area has to offer.

Oahu Beach Bar
Ko Olina Beach Bar
Ko Olina Lagoon Room Rentals
Lagoon Pool with Jacuzzi

To enjoy a Hawaiian vacation at a reasonable price, consider vacationing at a Ko Olina vacation rental. Visitors can take pleasure in all of the amenities of our oceanfront property, including:

  • High Speed Internet on a Secure Network
  • Cable TV and DVD Players (Numerous Redbox kiosks in Kapolei, HI)
  • 24/7 Greeter and Guest Service
  • On-Site Maintenance Staff (8am-10pm)
  • Washers and Dryers (Laundry Detergent Included)
  • State-of-the-Art Fitness Center with Steam Room and Sauna with Lockers and Showers
  • 24-Hour On-Site Security Staff
  • Heated Quiet/Lap Pool (Fitness Center)
  • Lagoon Pool with Jacuzzi
  • Shallow Pebble-Bottom Pool for Children
  • Four BBQ Grills for Guest Usage (8am-9pm)
  • Owner’s Lounge for Special Events for up to 30 guests (Security Deposit Required)
  • Covered and Secured Parking
  • Bath Tissue and Trash Liners

What better way to vacation along the ocean without the paying the high-end price? A Ko Olina vacation rental will remind you of wondrous oasis living with shade trees along the sidewalks and green lushness everywhere. Famous for being the vacation place of choice for Hawaiian nobility, Ko Olina in Kapolei, HI is also a known getaway for celebrities and film stars. Today, however, anyone looking for a fun retreat from every day can take pleasure in all that a Ko Olina vacation rental has to offer.


There is nothing like relaxing in our Ko Olina vacation rental and being surrounded by some of the best Ko Olina dining establishment this ocean oasis has to offer. Plan a getaway to Ko Olina and be prepared to take pleasure in eating every type of cuisine imaginable. From fresh seafood to pizza, vacationers will surely find something to enjoy. An added bonus is that some Ko Olina restaurants offer dining right by the water. Or you can enjoy a family dinner looking over the Pacific Ocean in your beachside rental. Make sure to try one or all when at your vacation rental in Ko Olina. If there are any days when you don’t feel like putting clothes on and going to a restaurant, our vacation rentals comes with everything you need to fix your own meals, such as:

  • Sub-Zero Refrigerator and Freezer
  • Wine Cooler
  • Wolf Glass Cooktop and Convection Oven with Vented Hood
  • Small Kitchen Appliances
  • Flatware
  • Silverware
  • Dishwasher
  • Dish Soap and Dishwasher Detergent
  • Paper Towels

Our Ko Olina vacation rentals are considered by residents and visitors to be one of the best places to stay if you have children. Not only do we have the usual kiddie pool, spa tub, and full-service spa, but also a private lagoon.  How cool is that?  If you are traveling a good distance to get to us, you can leave your baby accessories, like high chairs and playpens at home; we provide them for you while you stay with us.

Restaurants In Ko Olina
Monkeypod Kitchen
Beachside Dining Oahu, Ko Olina
Oceanside Dining

Oahu’s Finest Vacation Rentals

There is nothing like relaxing in our Ko Olina vacation rental the next time you get some time off. Whether you are traveling with a group, special someone, or solo, you will enjoy your time with us. Our beaches are among the best in the world. Forget something? You don’t have to run to the store and buy anything. When you are heading to the beach and you need any beach amenities, like beach towels, coolers, beach chairs, sand toys, or even a boogie board, just stop by the front desk and pick up your items.

The best part of all is that a Ko Olina vacation rental isn’t pricey. When you consider that you really don’t have to leave your room for meals/dining if you don’t want to, you will see it is quite affordable. This especially is a great option if you are vacationing with a group or your family. Besides a spa tub, massage rooms, and pool, we also provide dry cleaning service as well as complimentary internet access.

Our rooms have everything you need for an incredible stay.  Cable television with premium channels and DVD players, refrigerators, and complimentary newspapers are included as well.

Our Ko Olina vacation rental has so many complimentary amenities that you wonder if you have to pay extra for anything.  There is the complimentary high-speed internet access, newspapers, room service coffee or coffee and tea in the lobby. Guestrooms come with balconies for enjoying an ocean view or view of the city.

Relax, relax, relax in our jacuzzi while listening to soothing music on one of our boogie boards.  Forgot your toiletries or bath accessories?  Enjoy their spa bath products and bath essentials as part of the “Forgot it? We’ve Got It!” guest amenities. The rooms in our vacation rentals in Ko Olina have beds with down comforters and shams, 300-thread count linens, and soft, fluffy pillows.

Our Ko Olina vacation rental is known for its professionalism and superior customer service.  With our lagoon, pool, and 24-hour fitness center, you will be glad you came to visit us in Kapolei, Hawaii.  If you need to handle a little business, we can fax or photocopy documents for you right away or assist you in sending a package overnight.

You know a vacation rental of this caliber has to have a big television in each room for movies and video games. There is even a flat screen computer terminal in each room with complimentary WiFi. Get your drink thanks to your wine cooler or stop by the Oceanfront Beach.

What could be a better ideal vacation than staying in a vacation rental in HI and enjoying good old fashion customer service? At our vacation rental, guests are pampered, plain and simple. You can relax in your guestroom decorated with beautiful antiques and modern artwork. Everything needed is provided for you just the way it is supposed to be when you are away from home for a holiday destination or a tropical getaway.

Our Ko Olina vacation rentals are decorated in colors and designs native to the Hawaiian culture. Guests can take a dip in the pool or relax in the lagoon pool. If you would rather get your workout on, the fitness center is for you. The guestrooms here are modernly decorated, and you know you have hit the jackpot when it comes with a balcony where you can sit and look at the ocean.  There are so many perks, we guarantee it will be hard to leave when your vacation time is over. But, you don’t have to worry. Before you leave our Ko Olina vacation rental, book your next stay and enjoy everything we have to offer all over again.

There is nothing like a Ko Olina morning.  The sky is a beautiful blue, the palm trees are swaying, and the sun makes your skin feel golden.  Now, image enjoying all this on the balcony at a Ko Olina vacation rental. You will be in the heart of amazement!


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